Thousands of leaders use Structural to find, engage, and retain talent.

IceMiller Drives New Business Opportunities with Structural

Structural allows IceMiller to match legal expertise with client needs across 8 offices and 20 practice areas.

“Structural brings to bear the talent we have and allows me to tap into the expertise of attorneys across offices.”

Kristine Bouaichi, Partner

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YourEncore Connects Experts with the Right Projects and Teams

Structural unlocks access to YourEncore’s talent data to engage a vast network of experts.

“This gives us a chance to add structured data to how we find experts. With Structural, we quickly get to know the right people in a shorter amount of time.”

Jim Combs, CMO, YourEncore

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Brooksource Creates Deeper Connections Across Distributed Teams

Leaders at Brooksource scale their tight-knit culture to retain talent and drive productivity with help from Structural’s mobile Employee Success Platform .

“Structural is a place to house all of the data that I used to keep in my head when we were small. ”

Carlie Oakley, VP Brand Excellence

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