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Choose your plan to activate talent, drive performance, and stay connected with Structural.



  • 50 User Profiles
  • Real-time People Insights
  • Targeted Communication
  • Setup & Implementation Support
  • Self-service Resources
  • Up to 60 Days
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  • Up to 1,000 User Profiles
  • Real-time People Insights
  • Targeted Communication
  • Setup & Implementation Support
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • On-demand & Live Training
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  • Unlimited User Profiles
  • Real-time People Insights
  • Targeted Communication
  • Setup & Implementation Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • On-demand & Live Training
  • User Provisioning
  • Custom Integrations
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All Of Your People Data, In One Place

Choose your plan to find talent, drive performance, and stay connected with Structural.

Robust User Profiles

Create a complete view of each member of your team with skills, interests, experience, and personality data to find the right talent for each project or pursuit.

Internal Talent Search

Connect instantly and build teams based on skills, experience, availability and more. Match the right people with projects based on their interests, personality, or career path.

Standard Integrations

We’ll automatically aggregate and import data from internal people systems (including Okta, Active Directory, G Suite, and Azure, Slack, social channels, and more) to ensure all of your existing data integrates seamlessly with Structural.

People Insights

Your people data is only valuable when its put to work. Use Structural insights to match people with the right projects and resources based on shared or complementary skills, interests, experiences, or strengths.

World-Class Support

From onboarding to expansion, Structural supports growing teams.

Setup and Implementation

You’ve got data. We’ve got the tools you need to turn it into action. Structural will work with your team to ensure leadership and teams can surface insight and activate talent.

Live Training

Our Customer Success team can help everyone in your organization get up to speed on Structural in minutes. Whether you need to train new hires, or get existing team members on board, we’re here to help.

Self-Service Resources

All Structural users have access to our robust self-service resources and on-demand support in our help center.


Tailored Support

Get access to our dedicated team of experts, who can help you configure custom fields, integrate existing data sources, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your experience with Structural.

People Insights that Grow with Your Organization

Create a customized experience for your people and teams.

User Provisioning Structural

User Provisioning

We’ll ensure information from professional databases and internal systems is instantly added to Structural profiles to deliver 100% participation after launch.

Custom Integrations

You’ve spent time creating databases that work for you. Let us help you get those insights into the hands of your leaders and teams with custom integrations built to streamline access to people insights.

Internal Analytics

Get access to the insights you need to form stronger teams and close more business. Standard and custom reports are available on user demographics, activity, availability, and more.

Single Sign-on

Don’t worry about memorizing a new super-secret password. User can leverage existing company credentials to log into Structural’s mobile and web platforms with a few clicks.

Turn Insight Into Action.