YourEncore needed a solution to find the right expert in real time.

YourEncore’s mission is to put experience to work by offering their clients the opportunity to tap into the most accomplished and experienced community of experts in the world. With over 11,000 experts in their network who each have extensive experiences and skillsets, they need a way to quickly match an expert or group of experts with a client’s specific need.

Structural has enabled them to transform this data-driven task into a powerful experience for the client. By organizing all the disconnected expert data into robust, mobile-friendly profiles, Structural enables endless searches to be done by both the client and YourEncore in seconds. Structural has truly helped them realize the power and potential of their expert base.

“This gives us a chance to add structured data to how we find experts. With Structural, we quickly get to know the right people in a shorter amount of time.” 

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