Studio Science

Studio Science utilizes Structural to communicate better with employees and bring information outside spreadsheets.

Studio Science is a design and innovation consultancy with roughly 30 employees. The company is very connected with their employees and places a high value on helping employees know their co-workers.

Like any small organization, basic employee information is kept in Google Docs or in an individual’s own knowledge bank. Structural gives Studio Science a centralized company directory with a human touch, promoting employee connections that are so special to them. Studio Science also love the ability to easily send out a push notification for important announcements like a recent sales win or event information. With a Google integration, it makes account creation and sign-in a frictionless experience for Studio Science employees.

“Structural makes it easy to get in touch with each other. Right now we’re using so many different systems, and having one repository for all our employee information — including contact information, skills, personality traits, and basic demographics — is incredible.”
—Haley O’Brian, Director of Operations

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