Milhaus uses Structural to extend their culture outside corporate offices and engage employees where they are.

Milhaus is a mixed-use developer that specializes in Class A, urban, multi-family residential buildings. Milhaus divisions include Development, Construction, Property Management, and Asset/Capital Management. A byproduct of a company with such a diverse set of services is that 75% of employees work outside of the office, many of which work for divisions Milhaus acquired. Extending culture outside the corporate headquarters and receiving feedback from those employees is incredibly difficult, especially since many employees do not sit in front of computers each day.

Structural’s mobile-first approach allows Milhaus to reach employees where they are, whether it’s on a construction site or at a property. Structural’s communication features like the Company Profile, Twitter-integrated Feed, and Polls allow for a seamless extension of company information in a fresh and user-friendly experience.

“Structural is a platform where we can meet people where they are and engage our employees where they want to be engaged. What we believe Structural will be able to do is help us extend our culture.”

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