Structural helps Brooksource extend their tight-knit culture as they scale and grow the employee base.

Brooksource is an IT staffing firm that has rapidly grown to over 400 employees in 20 different markets, many of which join Brooksource right out of college. The company places a heavy emphasis on culture, balancing the company-wide cohesive culture with allowing the individual offices to have their own unique feel. Structural helps Brooksource extend the tight-knit culture they were built on as they scale and grow the employee base.

Things that used to be easy for a company of 50, like knowing names, faces, birthday, etc. now can be quite a challenge. Many members of the leadership team often travel to different markets and use Structural to quickly filter by office or division and have a quick refresh on who is in the office. This provides enormous value both to the leadership team and the employees as the leadership team from other offices is able to greet them by name.

“Structural is a place to house all of the data I used to have in my head when we were small.”

Brooksource also onboards a new hire class of 15-20 new employees every other month. Structural gives them the ability to surface the new hire classes in the app, allowing employees to get to know the new faces and make them feel at home.

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